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so, for Fandom Growth Exchange i'm supposed to write something for Valkyrie Profile (there are other choices but I don't know any of the fandoms) with 'porn or fluff' (so, fluff - I can't write proper porn to save my life), 'happy ending' with prompts that include 'end of the world sex' and DNW 'unhappy endings'. I'm not sure how to write a happy, sexy end of the world...
Technically two humans survive the Ragnarok, but I think you need you need fully alive and embodied humans, not Einherjar, and also a male and a female, not Arngrim and Lawfer.
My current best thinking is to invent some kind of kinky ritual for them to perform that requires them to have a strong soul-bond and allows them to spiritually survive the Ragnarok. something like the magic in the Night Circus.

second thing to think about - Small Fandom Big Bang is coming up soon! 
possible concepts for a full sized big bang:
- a longer version of my Tales of Xillia/Stella Glow crossover where Rowen ends up the Conductor of both worlds
- Phantasy Star 1 prequels, ranging from Odin's Incompetent Adventures With Myau to something as old as the Rykrosians creating the solar system in the first place, maybe some prior contact with Earth?
- Phantasy Star 3 fic centred around Mieu taking over the Kingdom. The last one was Mieu/Wren as a side story, but I might change it to a main character being lost and Mieu having to take over with Wren. Or Mieu actually convincing one of the main characters to marry her (maybe Ayn?), then they have all the angst of knowing Mieu will outlast him, realising Mieu is going to be a nigh-immortal Queen unless she dies in battle... or maybe even tempted to become a cyborg himself? It's an interesting concept.
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