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Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.
(I'm not tagging, anyone reading, feel free to use this!)

OK, I used my AO3 account and a d100 excluding everything above 80 for this. Because I don't write for way too many fandoms. No.

1. Undertale

2. Nier Automata

3. StreetPass games 

WARNING: SPOILERS for Undertale and Nier Automata.  

*the first character you loved:

1. Toriel, I want a giant fluffy mommy too <3

2. 2B, she's a kick-ass female android, what's not to love?

3. the cats

*the character you never expected to love so much:

1. Either Chara or my headcanon for Gaster. They're both still sinister AF but I've really started to build them into characters I can empathise with.My Chara is basically someone who was already fourth wall aware and was rejected from society for it, and really started blaming it on the players. They hate all players but have managed to control their rage and only hunt malicious players. Gaster is Sans' mentor and, due to failed research into interdimensional travel, lives in an unused portion of the world. They can seem very amoral because they started caring about the unused and rejected more than the final released world.

2. Adam and Eve, I feel sorry for the poor guys.

3. the Armoured Archfiend has way more of a role in my StreetPass headcanon than he originally was supposed to, that sexy hunk of metal <3

*the character you relate to the most:

1. Blooky. I too am depressed, creative and wear headphones everywhere.

2. Emil, the little guy who just rolls from game to game for no particular reason.

3. The adventurers who spend all their time in the restaurant? I know I would.

*the character you'd slap:

1. Alphys. sorry, I know they're well loved, but they are responsible for all the bad shit I have to deal with in the game. Flowey didn't put himself in that machine or do all those soul extraction experiments on himself. 

2. 9S, who is determined to be the next Kaine. YOU KNOW THEY'RE SENTIENT, STOP KILLING THEM FFS.

3. Wentworth, for constantly goading Emperor!Mii into more acts of world conquest.

*3 favorite characters (in order of preference):

1. Blooky, Mettaton, Asgore

2. 2B, Emil, Devola/Popola (maybe a bit biased towards characters I remember from the first Nier)

3. headcanon King!Mii, Ultimate Ghost, that hot-looking male Mii from Germany I keep meeting everywhere

*a character you liked at first but not anymore:

1. Alphys, see above. Also, I didn't really mind Flowey all that much until the metagaming shit he pulled as Photoshop. I kinda went off Toriel a bit as I realised that overprotective moms are actually a bit creepy. 

2. 9S, also see above. I liked his devotion to 2B and his awkward nerd persona and the way he completely disregarded instructions that androids were not supposed to have emotions.

3. I don't really dislike any characters apart from Mendel and Wentworth who I've always hated and will always hate. Mendel just disturbs me, with his permanent grin and freakish plants.

*a character you did not like at first but now do:

1. Mettaton kinda rubbed me the wrong way at first, they came across as a bit creepy. I think learning about their past with Blooky helped.

2. Pascal started off a bit uninteresting but I understood how brave she is, and then she possessed that Goliath and became bad-ass. 

3. see above

*3 otps:

1. Mettaton/Blooky forever! Alphys/Undyne is kinda cute, even though I don't like Alphys, and I find Asgore/Toriel tragic but also sweet.

2. I can't remember their names but the little drones <3 <3 <3 *hugs them both* Also 9S/2B. I like the dynamics of the two sets of twins but don't consider them romantic love, I find incest a bit icky.

3. Well, my headcanon King!Mii/Ultimate Ghost is probably my all time favourite OTP. Mysterious German Mii also has a crush on King!Mii as does the Archfiend.





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