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 Adol/Dogi fic completed, with almost two weeks left. 

I think the original idea of the challenge was to be inspired by the US equivalent of Mills & Boon, not have people jumping from crumbling twenty-floor towers that they've just near depopulated of monsters. oh well...
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is now over the word count for the story_works Harlequin challenge but is by no means finished with the story

I'm going for Adol/Dogi. this is deviating from the original plot of Ys at this point in time rather than a lot.
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 meme lifted from [personal profile] shamanicshaymin 

Give me a fandom and I will describe the most self-indulgent fic I could write for it.
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Meme lifted from  [personal profile] shamanicshaymin

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.
(I'm not tagging, anyone reading, feel free to use this!)

OK, I used my AO3 account and a d100 excluding everything above 80 for this. Because I don't write for way too many fandoms. No.

1. Undertale

2. Nier Automata

3. StreetPass games 

WARNING: SPOILERS for Undertale and Nier Automata.  

Read more... )
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please be aware that:
- I often discover stuff for the first time that's 30 years old. especially books, but these days even video games.
- I have less general knowledge than most people. especially for actual historical events but also popular media.
- things do not look/feel dated or clunky as a negative concept to me. they're just in a category that includes simpler things.
- this means I tend to just go into older stuff as I would newer stuff
- this means I do not like spoilers for older stuff
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Hi! I don't post that much on my own wall, I'd rather enter endless writing challenges, but just to let everyone know I stream regularly on twitch.tv/doan2300. I don't tend to stick to the same game for very long and I like obscurer RPGs. Currently I am playing the first Phantasy Star, a game I've loved since childhood and haven't found anything that compares to.
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I've been feeling kinda not right in my head since I found out that Undertale is coming to the PS4, I dunno why exactly, it's just extreme sensitivity to anything that happens to a game I have mixed extreme good and bad reactions to. So I wrote fic to express it.

It's also a crossover with Earthbound and Nintendogs because why not.

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This is a quick post to explain that I am kinda migrating to DW from LJ as a lot of my favourite writing challenges are also doing so, following the political scandals on LJ. I will set up my DW properly soon. Right now I'm doing some writing for Camp NaNo. See you soon :)


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