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warning: long ranty post
TLDR: need other gamers to reassure me and help me not panic about something really bothering me despite my attempts to stop dwelling on it and move on
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 I am enjoying YS 8 so much at the moment! They really did well with the music in particular and atmosphere in general, which is the most important thing with a Falcom game. I hate the party system in modern Ys games but it didn't feel too jarring. Already it sort of feels like ti fits in with the older games.

I am going to be streaming it as I play on my channel at twitch.tv/doan2300.
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well, according to Twitter I'm the devil. apparently if you defend someone against one relatively minor accusation, because you don't think they were in control of themselves when they did it and you're worried the witch hunt will move onto you next, it means you personally have done every bad thing that person has ever done. I know you're supposed to nip things on the bud because otherwise when they come for you there'll be nobody left to support you (I don't remember the exact quote) but when nobody bloody supports me if I say anything anyway, I think I'll just batten down the hatches and hoard canned food and polish my shotgun for the day when I'll inevitably be alone when They come for me anyway.

(may be slightly triggered because this reminds me of a worse incident in my life and I wanted to prevent it from happening again)

from now on, Twitter gets used for spamming streams, squeeing at kittens, retweeting disaster relief campaigns that don't piss me off with shock images and finding out about deals on games slightly earlier.
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It's cool how this is becoming the Soleil challenge. If I don't think of something immediately, I tend to go back and write something Soleil-related retroactively for it. Soleil is actually kinda a short game and not exactly full of deep lore but I have played so much of it and find it such a huge inspiration.

I also think of Soleil as very much a proto-Undertale, much more so than Earthbound. So many basic features of Undertale pop up in Soleil

SOME POTENTIAL SPOILERS - humans making peace with monsters, getting into fights due to misunderstandings that can be resolved, also involving shapeshifting/possession being trapped underground, even flowers being trolls.

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This is my first time doing one of these so forgive me if I get something wrong.

The focus will almost certainly end up being Trails in the Sky, Phantasy Star or Stella Glow.

There's a first time for everything: First times Hey, it's that guy: Minor characters Quarantine Body Swap / Body Share Push and Pull
Introspection I am your father/mother Falls the Shadow A Blessing is Bestowed Flavour
Kids / Babies A Terrible Solution Wild CardQuarks Afternoon
Stream of Consciousness We're all going to die! Kissing Angst Pre- Slash / Femslash / Het
Imprisonment Natural Colours Opposite Sides of the Track Vignette Werewolves

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so, for Fandom Growth Exchange i'm supposed to write something for Valkyrie Profile (there are other choices but I don't know any of the fandoms) with 'porn or fluff' (so, fluff - I can't write proper porn to save my life), 'happy ending' with prompts that include 'end of the world sex' and DNW 'unhappy endings'. I'm not sure how to write a happy, sexy end of the world...
Technically two humans survive the Ragnarok, but I think you need you need fully alive and embodied humans, not Einherjar, and also a male and a female, not Arngrim and Lawfer.
My current best thinking is to invent some kind of kinky ritual for them to perform that requires them to have a strong soul-bond and allows them to spiritually survive the Ragnarok. something like the magic in the Night Circus.

second thing to think about - Small Fandom Big Bang is coming up soon! 
possible concepts for a full sized big bang:
- a longer version of my Tales of Xillia/Stella Glow crossover where Rowen ends up the Conductor of both worlds
- Phantasy Star 1 prequels, ranging from Odin's Incompetent Adventures With Myau to something as old as the Rykrosians creating the solar system in the first place, maybe some prior contact with Earth?
- Phantasy Star 3 fic centred around Mieu taking over the Kingdom. The last one was Mieu/Wren as a side story, but I might change it to a main character being lost and Mieu having to take over with Wren. Or Mieu actually convincing one of the main characters to marry her (maybe Ayn?), then they have all the angst of knowing Mieu will outlast him, realising Mieu is going to be a nigh-immortal Queen unless she dies in battle... or maybe even tempted to become a cyborg himself? It's an interesting concept.
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 Adol/Dogi fic completed, with almost two weeks left. 

I think the original idea of the challenge was to be inspired by the US equivalent of Mills & Boon, not have people jumping from crumbling twenty-floor towers that they've just near depopulated of monsters. oh well...
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is now over the word count for the story_works Harlequin challenge but is by no means finished with the story

I'm going for Adol/Dogi. this is deviating from the original plot of Ys at this point in time rather than a lot.
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 meme lifted from [personal profile] shamanicshaymin 

Give me a fandom and I will describe the most self-indulgent fic I could write for it.
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Meme lifted from  [personal profile] shamanicshaymin

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.
(I'm not tagging, anyone reading, feel free to use this!)

OK, I used my AO3 account and a d100 excluding everything above 80 for this. Because I don't write for way too many fandoms. No.

1. Undertale

2. Nier Automata

3. StreetPass games 

WARNING: SPOILERS for Undertale and Nier Automata.  

Read more... )
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please be aware that:
- I often discover stuff for the first time that's 30 years old. especially books, but these days even video games.
- I have less general knowledge than most people. especially for actual historical events but also popular media.
- things do not look/feel dated or clunky as a negative concept to me. they're just in a category that includes simpler things.
- this means I tend to just go into older stuff as I would newer stuff
- this means I do not like spoilers for older stuff
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Hi! I don't post that much on my own wall, I'd rather enter endless writing challenges, but just to let everyone know I stream regularly on twitch.tv/doan2300. I don't tend to stick to the same game for very long and I like obscurer RPGs. Currently I am playing the first Phantasy Star, a game I've loved since childhood and haven't found anything that compares to.
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I've been feeling kinda not right in my head since I found out that Undertale is coming to the PS4, I dunno why exactly, it's just extreme sensitivity to anything that happens to a game I have mixed extreme good and bad reactions to. So I wrote fic to express it.

It's also a crossover with Earthbound and Nintendogs because why not.

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This is a quick post to explain that I am kinda migrating to DW from LJ as a lot of my favourite writing challenges are also doing so, following the political scandals on LJ. I will set up my DW properly soon. Right now I'm doing some writing for Camp NaNo. See you soon :)


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